Angel Rose Worley

This web site is dedicated to Angel Rose Worley,and the torture endured by her when she was in Kentucky with her estranged mother and James Perkins,

It will outline the injustice, the malicious prosecution, the lack of cooperation by Kentucky officials, the out and out lies.
We will be persuing sanctions and lawsuits against all parties who participated in this abuse and cover up.

ANGEL was kidnapped by her mother with the help of Perkins. She was taken to Kentucky and mistreated, We feel that her mother and stepfather had a hand in this.  But of course this is only opinion,  Since people are too chicken to actually come forward and actually tell the truth. If you have a chance to read the Franklin county transcripts, you will see that Autumn is unstable, You will see that Franklin County has ordered a mental examination, and has ordered no contact with Angel until that is completed,   So far Autumn has made no attempt to contact us or Angel. And actually called Franklin County to say she would not show up.  All Calls are logged and recorded,and caller ID information is collected. but no calls from KY or the surrounding area have been seen. We even had a Nation Wide 800 toll free number assigned and gave that to the lawyers still no attempted contact. Here is someone who had absolutely no regard for her own child. I would not have put it past her to try and sell or give the child away.

Autumn has already been caught in lies in court in Kentucky, and she apparently can't talk when Perkins is around.  She lives in her own fairytail world, where she is right and everyone else is wrong. She has already acuse several people of trying to rape her.  And honestly, I've seen the pictures, why anyone would consider her is anyones guess, Oh wait I have also seen pictures of Perkins, He's fat just like her.

One last thing ,

We just heard that Autums stepfather in Ky was in some type of rehab and that Autumn's mother, was screwing around with another guy, (Actually dating him with her husband in rehab) . Now here is a family that you have to admire, they are trying to meet all the old stereotypes of the backwoods Kentucky Hic.
A pregnant mentally ill daughter,  who started school two or three years late, and who admitted to taking ilegal drugs.
a drunken step father,  a mother cheating on the stepfather,
and oh yes the pregnant daughter was pregnant with the child of the guy that helped her kidnap her daughter,
And she got pregnant from him while she was still married to her husband. Oh and when she kidnapped her daughter, she moved in with two (yes 2) guys. I can't prove it, but I have to wonder who she was actually sleeping with? Maybe both of them -- maybe?

Now is this ripe for a movie or what? 

Tell the truth and forget about the lies that are spreading.

(it will be forwarded to me for posting without your name or contact information. )

I am now ready to upload all the information again, I have given all the sides of the family the chance to reply via e-mail.  The only information I ever get is from the Worley side.  It really is time to have both sides here. It's time to come clean with the information. It's time to tell the world just what kind of people the Mustard and Perkins families are.
Some of the information and mis-treatment and threats may never be fully known. I do know Angel was mistreated. I know the family in Montana has information and has decided to not share it. A crime has been committed. Autumn and Perkins need to be held accountable.

And if the family in Montana has information and they don't share it then they are not God loving christian people and apparently don't care what has happed to Angel and are just as guilty for ignoring the abuse as Autumn and Perkins are for commiting it.


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This information updated on April 20th, 2005
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